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Modern Web Design helps small & medium companies get their business onto the internet.  

Website Design

Website Design

Our expert web designers and developers will work with you to achieve the exact results that your looking for.

Business  Hosting

Business Hosting

A successful website begins with a fast, reliable  web hosting. We provide in-house business class web hosting.

SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO is what moves your website to the top of the search engines.  We have the talent to get your website were you want it to be!

Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting

Our consulting staff have the professional background to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Website Training

Website Training

After your website is finished, we will provide you with the necessary training. This way you hit the ground running

Friendly Support

Friendly Support

Our friendly, knowledgeable support staff will always be available to help solve any problem that may arise. 

A Website Does Not Have To Cost A Lot To Be Great!

Modern Web Design's vision is to make websites affordable.  We work with the latest design technologies to decrease production time.  As a customer, you will benefit from a higher quality product at a lower cost.

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Modern Web Design

At Modern Web Design, we focus on helping SMEs to intergrate their business onto the internet.  In addition to working with businesses, we also create web designs for musicians, photographers, teachers, lawyers, bloggers, and house moms.  While there are many FREE places on the internet to create blogs and simple websites, many people and businesses want to take a personalized approach with their website design.  They understand that a professionally designed website gives your business the “extra edge” in attracting new customers.

Interactive Website Designs

White Guys Pushing Orange GearsA great website design consists of more than a few nice pictures and some text.  A great web design has to stand out and interact with it’s users. The design has to express the core values about you and your business. At Modern Web Design, we place an importance on visitors interaction with a website design. If a website is not getting right results, the web design is most likely at fault. The problem might be caused by visitors confusion or apprehension due to the colors, content or images used.

A good website design should also produce a reaction.  The reaction could be in the form of “signing up for a newsletter”, or “making a purchase” or simply disseminating information about a new brand.

Our Web Design Process

stages-in-web-design-and-developmentAll of our web designs begin with you the client!  When our designers begin a new project, they begin by reading the clients comments and preferences. Then they focus on your business products or services.  Once they have a thorough understanding of a clients business, they begin to put everything together into a website design.

Optimizing a website can be a time consuming process, as there are many factors come into play in the web design. For example, there is color, fonts, menu navigation, “hot spot” locations, call to actions, images and more…  In order to get the desired response from a websites visitors, a web designer will do their best to “align” all of these design factors.  At Modern Web Designs, we even do A/B testing using Google and Bings Web Master Tools when requested.

Our Customer Commitment

Golden Customer CommitmentOur web design services offers our clients a variety of design choices.  It is important to note that ALL of our web designs are done by professional web designers!  Our web designers take great pride in their work and would never hand over a bad design to a client. If you are starting out on a limited budget, you will get the same professional attitude that our “corporate” or “gold” clients receive.   The only differences you will notice is that your website may not have all the features as the more expensive packages.  Please note that many of our packages are itemized in such a manner that they will be able to purchase additional services at a later time.

So if you are starting out on a tight budget and want to have you website upgraded with additional pages or new features, we will gladly perform the upgrade at a later time.  We can upgrade most of the web designs that we create because we build all of our websites using quality programming and SEO standards.

Our Web Design Benefits

Check Mark. Orange Check Mark on Whitee background.Our Web Design benefits begin from the day of your FREE Design consultation.  As we have already begun working on an internet strategy for the consultation, we use this design strategy to verify that it is possible to achieve the results that you are looking for with your website.

Our goal is to provide design services that help your online business to succeed.  When we build a website we make sure that it has passed our internal standards for quality.  Below is a list of some of the services that are “built into” our websites.

 iconCheckMarkORANGE    Keyword Analysis – with the use of Google Adwords and Analytics, we’ll be able to come up with some great keywords for your website.

 iconCheckMarkORANGE    SEO Built Design – Once we start to work on your web design, we begin to build a solid website that will

comply with the latest SEO requirements.  Not only will your website look great, it will also begin to move up in search engine for the keywords that you have selected.

 iconCheckMarkORANGE    Fast Loading Time - a website that loads slow turns away your visitors.  We make sure that your website has be optimized to load fast!

 iconCheckMarkORANGE    Social Media Integration – all of our web designs have the capability to intergrate with social media. We’ll

make sure that you are connected!

 iconCheckMarkORANGE    Analytical Integration – analytics is becoming more and more important as competitors enter the internet.

Before we hand off a website to a client, we make sure that all of the popular analytic functions are setup and working.

iconCheckMarkORANGE     Web Site Submissions – when you become our client, we’ll make sure that your website indexes with all of the major search engines.

iconCheckMarkORANGE     Content Creation - while we do not offer free content creation, we will help you with your own content creation by offering suggestions and tips for writing.  If you would like to have a professional create the content for your website there’s no problem, as we have experienced copywriters available.

.iconCheckMarkORANGE     A/B Testing - at a cost, we offer expert analysis of your website conversion process.  We’ll then be able to

modify your web design to maximize your conversion rates.

Web Design Packages

Our web design packages were created for all types of businesses and personal uses and consist of simple “splash” designs to complex ecommerce web sites.  At Modern Web Design, we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients, by offering as many web design package options as possible. Most of the options that we offer can be applied to your website at a later time.  We designed our packages in this manner to help small businesses expand onto the internet without making a major investment.  For a more detailed perspective of our web design packages.  Please visit  our Web Design Services page.

Web Design Difference

A professional web design involves more than a few pictures and some text.  Our design process focuses on the results that our clients want to see.  Once we have the clients goal established.  We begin work on defining a the clients target audience . The process starts to take form by placing pictures and text into a simple web design framework.

Our goal is to create a extraordinary user experience that will delight the visitors to the website. It’s important to note that most people searching the internet are looking for information about a product or service.  While interesting code or pictures may initially attract a visitor.  It most likely will not motivate them to perform an action.

Our Guarantee To You

At Modern Web Design, we focus on the results!  If for any reason your unhappy with our web designs.  We will work with you to either make you happy by redesigning your website, or  issuing a substantial refund.  We enjoy building long term business relationships with our clients.

Benefits Of Google Authorship

Benefits Of Google Authorship

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