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Modern Web Design is a Malaysian based company that has been helping businesses succeed for over 5 years.
We work directly with our clients to achieve the results that they want.

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Our Website Designs deliver the results you want!

Modern Web Design is a web design company with location in Selangor, Malaysia.  We are part of an online digital marketing company called Online Ventures Asia. Our goal is to provide our clients with a modern website design that will exceed their objectives in both design and performance. We accomplish our goals by performing all the necessary tasks that make a website great. Such tasks include expert user design, professional copywriting, fresh designs, and innovative ideas!


Simple Website

Everyone starts at the beginning, and that’s why we offer clients a simple website design. It’s a cost effective way to start an online marketing campaign.

Business Website

We understand that a business website has to meet certain objects.  Our designers and marketing team work directly with our clients to better understand their marketing goals. 

E Commerce Website

Our e commerce websites are created with your potential customers in mind.  We try to understand what your customers expectations are – before we design your website. 

We make sure that your website looks great on every device

We Design Modern Websites

Web design in Malaysia is evolving and to stay relevant web designers have to keep up with technology.  That’s why our design team constantly monitor the internet for the latest trends and techniques. 

A modern website has to achieve a set of goals, such as selling, or informing a websites vistors.  Such goals will require much more than just a keen eye for colours and images.  We feel that the extra focus on results, make a modern website a true investment for your company. 

A successful website has to find your audience and resonate with them.   We begin our designs will a full understanding of what your clients needs are.  We then take the information we gather and translate it into “the perfect message”.

We Deliver Value With Our Designs

Our clients enjoy the advantage of our extensive understanding of professional website design.  Listed below are a few examples of important area of a proper website design and proper website management.

Professional Design

Knowing what works the first time will help propell your website to the top.  Let our design professionals work with you to develop a website that captures your dreams.  We’ll do it right the first time.

Mobile Friendly

Today, mobile smart-phone search is more popular than desk top search.  That’s why we place a high importance on the way your website looks on a multiple array of devices.  We design responsively;)

Fast Loading

Our data proves that a slow website will not attract much traffic, and will also suffer in converting visitors to buyers.  We design with speed in mind, and even have our own hosting company to assure quality.

SEO Foundation

We started out as a search engine optimization agency, and quickly realized that it made a lot of sense for us to design websites.  We now design with a strong focus on search engine optimization.

The Extra Mile

Our company’s success lies with our ability to provide our clients a world class experience.  That’s why we are always willing to go the extra mile in helping our clients, both big and small.

No Headaches

Modern Web Design is related to numerous internet companys which provide services such as SEO, user design, pay per click management and web hosting.  We can provide you a full range of quality services.

We Design Successful Projects

We Design Successful Projects

We Know What It Takes To Make a Great Website

We Understand Your Goals

Your website is the “heart” of your online business.  It’s the point where your potential customers will interact with your company.  Usually a lot of money and time is invested in marketing a website, so we have to “get it right”, in order to see the results that our clients expect.

The best way to “get it right” with a web design is to fully understand the clients products and services, competitors and their competitive landscape. Once we have this information in hand, we then move to the next phase of designing and development.

We Design For Results

A great website design has to connect with your intended market.  This is where, we feel that a lot of web design agencies go wrong.  As they create a great looking website, but it fails to connect with the target audience.

Malaysian companies should use local talent that will understand the companies products and services better than a freelance designer who has no idea how Malaysian think!

We carefully construct our clients site by working on their customers personas, we do this to better understand what design features are important to them.

We Market Your Website

Our company understands how search engines work.  We also know how to run a pay per click campaign.  These two topics are very important in marketing your website.

We do our best to build all of our website designs using the best search engine optimization techniques.  We also use our vast user design experience to position the web elements in the proper places.

We are also connected to one of the leading SEO companies in Malaysia and Singapore and can seemlessly market your website after its design completion.

Selecting a Web Design Company in Malaysia

Web design in Malaysia is competitive, and the range of website prices can vary quite a bit.  Our goal at Modern Web Design is to provide the best performing websites while maintaining within our client’s budgets.  It’s our goal to educate clients about the pros and cons of outsourcing their web designs to part-time freelancers or overseas companies.

Our design staff are well educated in website design and have studied with world class institutions such as London University International Programmes and the University of Michigan.  They also understand how Malaysia and Singapore digital marketing works, which offers our clients a great opportunity.  

We differentiate our work from our competitors by taking a business approach to web design.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients website gets the results that they want either in sales, sign ups or the number of visitors.  We have dedicated staff that are experts in search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media, conversion rate optimization and more.  

Please feel free to browse our website and read more about our company.  When you’re ready either send us an email or place a call, we love to hear about your ideas for a new website.

Understanding Malaysian Marketing

Malaysian culture is different than most countries.  It’s almost impossible to take a website from another country and place it seemlessly in Malaysia.  There’s something special and unique about Malaysia and it’s people.  That’s why we do all of our design and marketing “in-house” to ensure that your website is a marketing success.

Our website designs are created by people who understand how Malaysia works, they understand the language and the people.  Remember that a website has to resonate your message with your intended marketplace, so think twice before shopping for a website outside of Malaysia.

We Design Successful Projects

Common Questions on Website Designs

What's the cost of a website?

Our website package costs begin at RM 1500 and move upwards to RM 25,000.  Each website is designed with quality and takes no cost saving short cuts.  We understand that your website is an investment an do everything possible to add value to your long term project.

What is the differnce between website packages?
Our website designs are based on working man hours, with the minimum job being our Simple website design package. Our most expensive website package is our e commerce websites which can involve thousands of products and consist of more than one language. In each case the customer will receive a quality website, the only difference is that the larger website will cost more as they require much more time to design and develop.
How to I promote my website, when the design phase ends?

Modern Web Design is in a unique position to provide expert digital marketing services to our clients.  Our digital marketing is our core strength and focus.  We began providing website design services as our marketing clients websites were sometimes poorly developed.

What website hosting options do you provide?

Hosting your website with the right company is an important decision as you need to determine which company can provide you fast, trouble free hosting services.  In addition to a fast website, they should also be able to provide expert advice and management for your site for your emails, website upgrades, and modifications.

We offer professionally managed web hosting for all types of businesses, such as shared, virtual (VPS), dedicated and cloud based servers.  Our website hosting is provided by our sister company at ProWeb Hosting Asia.

What features make a website great?

A great website design needs to meet a visitors needs.  It has to be fast loading, on topic, provide excellent visual stimulation, be easy to navigate, and offer suggestions for additional reading and options to interact further with the website.  A great website design will also rank well in Google organic searches, as this natural ranking is based on what Google thinks a great website should be.

At Modern Web Design, we understand that a great web site design goes further than a nice looking design, that is why our designers expand their skill set to include a deep understanding of both user experience and search engine optimization principles.

Our Specialized Web Design Services

There’s a lot that goes into making a great website.  Let us create a world class website for you.

Data Analytics

Modernize your marketing plans with a proven data driven strategy

SEO Optimization

Our SEO specialists will insure that your website is SEO optimized.

User Design (UX)

Providing a great user experiance is fundemental for both SEO and CRO.

Google AdWords

We offer professional marketing services for lowest cost advertising.

Conversion Rates

We create websites with a special focus on conversion optimization.

Website Hosting

We offer worry-free VPS, Cloud, and Shared website hosting.

Contact Us Today – Free Design Consultation

Request A Consultation

Our Web Design benefits begin from the day of your FREE Design consultation.  As we have already begun working on an internet strategy for the consultation, we use this design strategy to verify that it is possible to achieve the results that you are looking for with your website.

Our goal is to provide design services that help your online business to succeed.  When we build a website we make sure that it has passed our internal standards for quality.  Below is a list of some of the services that are “built into” our websites.