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Selecting the correct web design services is critical for your online success. We believe that a web design has to send the right message to your visitors.  If your visitors do not “connect” with your web design, theirs little chance they’ll listen to your “message”.  At modern Web Design, we balance all of a website’s attributes to focus on the visitors user experience (UX).

When we design a website our focus is on the websites message, form, and aesthetics.  In addition to sending the correct message, and user experience our web design services provide you with a website that is 100% search engine friendly, right out of the box!

Our Web Design Process

When someone requests a FREE consultation for our web design services, we will schedule a simple meeting (in person, via SKYPE or email tag) to discuss the goals a client wants to achieve with their website.  During the information gathering process, we begin to formulate a web design strategy to achieve our clients goals.

During the process, we’ll ask the client to provide a few examples of websites that they feel represents their own vision.  We then begin to use these site designs to draft a working model of the clients website.  In this process we focus on design layout and user navigation.

When the basic web design is agreed on, we’ll then  begin to apply images and colors to the web design.  Our web design services uses the latest wire frame technology, that will allow us to change many of the website parameters on the fly.  This rapid development helps a client to quickly select a desired color and layout effect. If a customer has second thoughts about a design change, our staff can quickly update the site in a matter of minutes!

Once the design layout has been competed.  We begin working on the websites content.  Our focus is on creating the right content for your websites pages.   While some of our web designs services do not provide FREE SEO copy writing. We WILL work with the content that you provide to achieve the best results for your website.

Once the website content is in place, our focus then begins on setting up critical SEO components such as: meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags,friendly URLs, image optimization.  This is where we do the work to make sure that your website is 100% optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition to the above, we also create your robots.txt file, a heading tags, XML sitemap and much, much more.

After the SEO work and special tuning.  We take a close look at how the website loads onto a visitors browsers.  If the website takes too long to appear in a web browser,  we will take a step back in the design process and optimize the coding and images to meet our quality loading measures.

Once we know that the website loads on computer browsers, we will then focus on your websites “rendering” performance on hand phones and tablet type devices.  It’s important to note that more and more online traffic is coming from hand phones.

When your website looks great on both a computer and a smart phone we then begin to get ready to deliver the website to you. We will schedule a day with you our client, to walk through the website.  If there is anything wrong we will fit it, before submitting our final invoice.  Depending on the particular web design service, we’ll also spend time with you to walk through the different features of the website.

Our web Design services conclude by letting the world know that your new website is live!  We do this by submitting your website details to a list of significant search engines.  They will then begin to index your new website and you’ll begin to see the site appear in search engine queries (SERPs).

All of our website design services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We will never bill our clients until they are 100% happy with our work.  It’s our way of saying “thank you”.

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