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We take the time to ask the right questions about your products, services, and customers. Our web designers create unique user experiences that will exceed your visitors’ expectations.

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Understanding Customers Needs With Marketing Research

Custom Websites that Empower your Visitors to become Customers

Malaysia has a lot of great web design companies and freelancers that build some incredible sites.  But, we feel that creating a beautiful website is not enough in today’s digital marketplace.

In addition to building a great-looking website, web designers need to begin to focus on satisfying a visitors need for information and solutions.

At Modern Web Design we focus on developing sites that satisfy your visitors need for information.  Our goal is to create a user experience that replaces the “wow” factor with a “I want” factor.

Understanding Customers Needs With Marketing Research

A Customer-centric Site Is A Shortcut To Success

Increase Sales with a Customer Centric Design

People use Google to find solutions to their problems.  Google rewards businesses that answer their users questions with free traffic (SEO) to their website.

 A Customer-centric design is focused on providing an unique user experience that will satisfy both Google and your potential customers.   

Customer-centric websites are build around a customers informational needs.  They provide visitors with a rich user-experience, that culminate with an online sale or service enquiry.

We believe that your business will benefit the most from a customer-centric design.   


Risk Free Website Guarantee

Our 100% Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with a professionally created site that promote your products, services and ideas.

We do not take short-cuts, or target short term profits over our clients ambitions.  We focus on your success.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


Why Work with Us?

We get excited when our clients businesses grow.  Our focus is on creating a unique user-experiences that lead towards increased sales.

We combine the art of web design with science of marketing research to increase your business marketing results. 

FREE Consultation

Creating a great web design takes some time and planning.  Please feel free to schedule a FREE strategy consultation.

Contact us regarding your web design ideas.

Web Designs for All Your Needs

Starter Website Design Services

Simple Site

Simple sites are the perfect way to validate an idea. Get your idea noticed on the internet.

Business Website Design Services

Business Site

Business designs showcases products & services and provide information for customers.

Custom Website Design Services

Custom Design

Custom web sites are important when your business requires a special focus on branding.

Ecommerce Website Design Services


Ecommerce platforms are designed to sell. They also need to do well in SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Modern Web Design?

A Modern Web Design adapts and changes to its marketing environment. They use AB testing and data analysis to measure & test how visitors react.  

Modern websites constantly position your company for optimal growth through continuous testing & improvements.

Maximize the effectiveness of your online digital marketing with a site that allows for continuous improvements.


How long does it take to build a Website?

Many people ask us how long it takes to build a website. The answer is, dependent on the type and size of your project. 

The average time to build a custom website is usually  3 – 4 weeks.

The time period of 3-4 weeks, allows our design team the necessary time to research your customers, products, services and online competition.

We also use the time to listen to your design ideas, and build a few mockups.


Do you provide Website Training?

We provide training all of our web design packages.  Our training sessions will provide basic instructions to enable you to maintain your site.

We also offer additional training for advanced topics such as AB testing, creating a additional pages and maintaining your ecommerce business.

Our training is performed remotely.    If a need arises,  we may come to visit you at your location.  Additional charges will apply for travel & transportation.


Who is Modern Web Design?

We are a small team of Malaysian Web Designers, SEO experts, Graphic Designers and Digital Marketers. Our company has been providing services for Malaysian businesses since 2014.

We believe that the internet is always changing and business must have a dynamic online presence, which would enable them to use data to their advantage.

Our mission is to help Malaysian businesses excel in online marketing.


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Modern Web Design Company Malaysia

Building a great web design demands an extra effort. We take the time to learn about your business, competitors, products & services and incorporate our research into your web design.

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