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About Our Company

We can help put your company in the lead with a professionally designed website

About Modern Web Design

Modern Web Design was established to help Malaysians with their online marketing, which work side by side with our popular marketing company called Malaysian SEO Services.  Modern Web Design’s function is to provide clients with professionally crafted websites that perform well for both search engine and conversion rate optimization.

We design your website by understanding your goals, as we feel that too many websites fail to meet client’s expectation due to improper research and focus.  We categorize our website designs into three distinct areas that consist of small Starter websites, Corporate websites and Ecommerce websites.

“Business is always changing and adapting,

your website should do the same.”

Today’s online business environment is fuelled by massive amounts of analytical data.  Most of the data comes from Google Analytical tools and provides detailed information on many important aspects for digital marketing.  Such information can be used to effectively tailor your website design to match the needs of your target market.   

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Online Businesses is getting more and more complex by the day!  Contact Modern Web Design before you contact another web design company.  We are confident that you’ll have a higher rate of success with your online business goals when you hire our website design services.  


We are web design experts that enjoy the business side of marketing through data analysis.

Forward Thinking

We are actively involved in online marketing and help our clients make decisions about the future.

Digital Marketing

A great website is great because of the marketing work that was involved.

Customer Support

We place high value on satisfying our clients needs. We will help you if we can.

About Modern Web Design (Malaysia)

Modern Web Design is dedicated to creating websites that achieve a client’s objectives

Our Design Philosophy

Modern Web Design was initially created to provide fast, seo optimized websites for clients in Malaysia.  Over time our expertise grew to include such services as conversion rate optimization (CRO) and user design (UX).

We take pride in creating quality website designs that can compete in any market, global or domestic.  We are always pursuing excellence by learning the latest techniques and theories in web design, user experience, search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.

Our Company Structure

Modern Web Design is focused on creating successful websites that incorporate both form and function.  Their website designs are developed with our data and analysis work, which helps us develop a strategy. 

Modern Web Design is a subsidiary of Online Ventures Asia, and cousin to Malaysian SEO Services.  A group of companies well versed in marketing, design, analytics, PPC management, and search engine optimization.

We are great in building websites that meet your objectives.

Our Vision & Goals

We are focused on becoming one of Asia’s leading digital marketing firms. Our specialization will be on designing and developing websites that can meet our clients objectives. 

We believe that data analysis is key to successful website and have been integrating data analysis into all our design work.

Our goal is to help people enjoy life by doing what they want to do. We really enjoy helping new business owners achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Request A Consultation

Our Web Design benefits begin from the day of your FREE Design consultation.  As we have already begun working on an internet strategy for the consultation. We use this design strategy to verify if it is possible to achieve the results that you are looking for with your website.

Our goal is to provide design services that help your online business to succeed.  When we build a website we make sure that it has passed our internal standards for quality.  Below is a list of some of the services that are “built into” our websites.