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A website is often the first impression a customer has of your business. It’s important to make sure your website not only looks professional, but also provides customers with the user-experience that they expect.


About Our Company

We are a Team of Web Designers, Graphic Designers, & Developers, Who Love Digital Marketing

How We Got Started

Modern Web Design was founded in 2014 to provide Malaysian, and Singaporean businesses with professional-grade websites that excelled in digital marketing.

Our mission was simple, “build a great-looking website that was ready for the rigors of digital marketing”.

All of our websites go through a five-step design process that ensures that each website is “tuned” for a specific marketing audience.

We believe that our special attention to detail can save our clients thousands of dollars, maybe even more in marketing costs.

Why We Build Websites

A website can play a significant role in branding, sales, and online marketing.  At Modern Web Design, we understand the importance of web design and enjoy working with our clients to position their website as a leader in their industry.

Our mission is to build world-class, digital marketing ready websites that focus on a customer’s needs and wants.

We take a special interest in how well our websites perform for our clients, and offer marketing research and AB testing for all of our customers.

Benefits of Working with Us

Our team at Modern Web Design has over a decade of experience in web design, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Marketing Research – Our market research offers valuable insights into your customers and competitors.  During our research, we will take a close look at your competitors’ websites, learn about your products and services, and identify search terms that your customers may use.

Customer-Centric Design – What good is a website if your customers do not like it?  Our design staff has been trained through IBM Enterprise Design Thinking to create better websites for your customers by focusing on user outcomes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We have been providing professional SEO services for over a decade. Our web designers use the latest on-page SEO technics to ensure that your new website is off to a great start for organic search.

Responsive Design – We go one step further with our responsive web designs, as we create two separate designs for mobile and desktop devices.  We create separate designs for mobile and desktop devices because we believe that a user’s expectations can differ between the two devices.

Quality Assurance – Hiring a web design company can be a stressful time. We believe that the design process should be rewarding and stress-free by offering a full 100% money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our work.

Ongoing Support – Websites need to be maintained and upgraded monthly to keep them safe, secure, and problem free.  We offer cost-effective web maintenance plans for updating and safeguarding your investment.

Business Team Working

About Our Team

We Offer Years of Experience on Every Website

Philip Polaski

(Founder, Managing Director)

An IBM-certified Enterprise Designer with over a decade of experience in web design, SEO, AdWords management, and marketing research.

Philip’s educational background is in engineering, accounting, and finance.  He is also an avid learner who enjoys taking online courses on Udemy, and Coursera.

He got interested in website design and digital marketing when working at SGK Foods in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

At the time, he realized that many Malaysian companies did not understand the benefits that the internet offered.  So, he left SGK Foods and created a digital marketing company called Online Ventures Asia.

Philip’s vision for Modern Web Design was simple, “to create professional grade websites, which offered a competitive advantage in the world of digital marketing.”

Haslam Malik

(Creative Director)

Haslam has been involved in the creative industry for more than 25 years, focusing on conceptualization, visualization, art direction, and corporate communication.

He has produced many award-winning campaigns across numerous platforms.  His background includes work in creative design, branding & corporate identity, illustration, motion graphic, merchandise design, and web design, with a special focus on advertising.

“Creative work needs passion and a sense of engagement, always ready to extend your skill set and embrace a multi-disciplined way of working.”

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