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Our websites are designed with your business objectives in mind.  We focus on your business objectives.

Our designs are dynamic in natural and can easily be moddified to increase conversions and sales.


We work with our clients after the website is launched to continue to refine the design through the use of A/B testing and analysis

Our websites are the result of careful analytical research and planning.


Your Vision

Understanding a clients goals are paramount to a successful project. 

Our Passion

Our web design team love what they are doing. It shows in our designs.

Hard Work

We work extra hard to insure that our clients are happy with our work.

Real Results

Results matter!  That’s why we measure website analytics.

We Optimize For Digital Marketing And SEO

Our web design agency was founded with a solid foundation in both organic search optimization and digital marketing.  Our knowledge is your advantage when creating a website design.

We are focused on designing and developing websites that can achieve a client’s objectives. We believe that a website is of little value if it does not help a client achieve their goals.

We feel that data analysis is key to successful website design and have been integrating data analysis into all our design work.  Our analysis includes keyword research, competor research and marketing strategy.

Our goal is to help people enjoy life by doing what they want to do.  We really enjoy helping new business owners achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

We Optimize For Digital Marketing And SEO

Digital Marketing is the force that propels a website into success.  Our websites are developed with the help of our digital marketing team.  They are involved in every aspect of the design, from research to launch.

We are focused on becoming one of Asia’s leading digital marketing firms. Our specialization is designing and developing “Smart” Modern websites that can achieve a client’s objectives.

We believe that data analysis and user experiance is key to successful website and have been integrating data analysis into all our design work.

Our goal is to make your visions for your website come true.  We accomplish this by leveraging the data we collect from our Smart websites.

Some Testimonies

Really impressed with the service and professionalism. They are diligent and get things done efficiently with proven results.Quite happy with their work. Jihad Abou Ghosh

Founder, Bristol Academy

Quick and efficient service, got me what I wanted for a very reasonable price! Good after-sales support as well – helped a lot when my website had issues.

Yen Chua

Founder, Science Bridge Academy

We design "smart" WebSites

Modern Web Design is focused on the success of your website and digital marketing.  We work with our clients to design a website that meets their objectives.  Our designs are “dynamic” which means that changes to the design can be applied with limited effort.  Our designs also incorporate the means to AB test almost all of the design elements. 

Such testing and fluidness in design are key to refining a website to maximize its intended purpose. We believe that Modern Web design is one of the only web design companies that offer such “smart” website designs.

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Location :  Empire Tower A-3-8  Jalan SS 16/1  SS16, Selangor 47500 Malaysia

Telephone :     + 603-8081  1497

Mobile :          (+60) 1 2233 -3080

Email : contact@modernwebdesign.com.my

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