Web Content And Google Authorship

Being original in the eyes of Google plays an important role in how well your web content ranks. One of the benefits of Google Authorship is to help “guard” your published web content by associating your content with a Google Plus account.

When you sign up for a Google Authorship, in conjunction with a Google Plus account, you’ll have the ability to link your new web content with your Google Plus page. Now your web content will show your name next to the pages Meta title and Meta description. (See image below)

In the search example above you will see the author’s name circled in red. This “authorship” tag helps both search engines and search users to validate the writer.  Now viewers who see your post can click on the author’s name and view the author’s Google Plus profile.  If they feel you are providing credible information.  They will most likely read your webpage.  If they really like your work they may even connect with your Google Plus profile.  These types of reactions will lead to even greater search engine rankings!

Increase Your Rank With Authorship

While the Google profile lets users decide how much credibility an author has about the search topic, it also helps the Google search engine to determine where to rank your work.  They do this by relating the interaction between different topics and your Google Plus profile. As you expand the number of articles that you write about and author,  It appears that Google will reward your work with higher ranking in SERPs.  According to Search Engine Watch, “ Google’s anti-spam director and search guru, claims that by eliminating lower-quality authors, higher-quality ones got higher search results.” 

As I take some time to think about what’s happening, it appears that Google might be beginning to take some power away from links and transferring the SEO signal more towards “authorship”.  It’s only a guess, but it would be in line with the fact that Google knows it has to serve its customer with the best results.

Build Your Online Reputation

Google Authorship helps online writers to build their reputation, as it appear that Authorship when combined with quality writing helps to boost a writer’s influence on web content ranking. Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics, performed a simple experiment by creating several new websites that were linked to his Google Authorship.  He later concluded that due to his name, he was able to get better rankings for his blog posts. He concluded that due to his Authorship, his blog posts had a higher value.