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Small businesses have to move onto the interenet.

Are Your Ready to for E commerce

Malaysian’s love to do business!  Just look around and you will see businesses everywhere. The average consumer is much different than a few years ago.  Consumers expect the best prices and services, else they’re not going to buy.

Can the next generation of Malaysian business owners make the transition from shop lot to online marketplace?

When you query “shopping online” using Google Malaysia,  you are most likely to see the likes of ZaloraLazadaEasy Mall and even Tesco.  

With such mega players as Zalora, Lazada,and Tesco such search results might just be enough to quickly burst your desire to venture into E Commerce in Malaysia.  


The Price Game – Stay Away

Unless you have millions of dollars to burn, do not enter into an online business that relies on pricing as its most valuable attribute.  Try to focus your E Commerce website for selling products are NOT price sensitive.

One of the best ways to find such “non-price sensitive” products can be achieved through a few visits to an upscale mall. In these malls, you’re going to find many shops that cater to consumers who are more concerned on brand and selection than they are on price.

Once you decide on a product then do some online research to find out how strong your competition is.

We Like working with successful companys – It’s a lot more fun

Is There A Market For You?

If you’re doing business using the internet, make sure that you have a good command of Google’s AdWords Tools.  It’ll save you a lot of work, and quickly point our potential areas of opportunity.

Selecting the right keywords is crucial to maximizing search engine optimization efforts.  You first should begin researching and analysis keywords by using Google’s AdWords Tool.  

It’s a great FREE tool that will show you how many people are searching for the keywords that your considering.  It’ll even suggest keywords that may be closely related to the words that you have entered, and best of all you can even export the data into a spreadsheet for further analysis. 

When selecting your keywords, make sure not to pick a broad term word such as toys, cars, or dresses.  Although a potential shopper will at first type in a broad term keyword like toys, they’ll most likely do another search after finding the toy that they want.  

For example, a person in Klang valley may begin their search by typing the word “toys” and land on Lazada’s toy section.  Once they find a good selection for their child, they most likely will do another search for the type of toy, by searching for “red wagons in Klang”.

It’s All About Marketing

Imagine you walk into a local business to take a look at their cameras and only get to see an small box on a dimly lit shelf, to make matter worse the shop owner can only tell you basic general information about the camera that you like. 

If such a scenario were true, the likely hood that you would make a purchase would be very slim.   When designing your E Commerce website, make sure to use the best possible photos for your products, in addition try to have more than one images that includes design variations, colours or views from different angles. 

In addition, your product descriptions should never be just the cut and paste variety as your SEO ranking will most certainly begin to fall.  In addition, your visitors will most likely find that your website offers them very little original information.

“The only way to understand if your winning in  E commerce is know what’s in your register”


Still Interested in E commerce?

We hope that the information on this post has been helpful in the “early” stages of planning your E Commerce website.  Please feel free to leave a comment or send an email.  We would love to hear from you!   If you would like some help with your E Commerce website. 


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