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About Our E commerce Websites

The heart of a successful E commerce website is user design. It’s because a visitor has to trust the website before they make a purchase. It’s extremely important to fully understand your target markets needs and wants, before designing your e commerce website.  Once the website is completed, marketing becomes the main focus.

Competitive Analysis

E commerce websites can be expensive.  Let our professionals do the proper competitive analysis of your intended market before you spend your money.

Marketing Strategy

We can help you with your marketing plans in search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and social media.  You will need to have a good marketing plan to succeed.

Hosting & Maintenance

We provide excellent hosting and website maintenance that will allow you to focus more on your customers and competitors and less on your daily operations.

Our Value Added E commerce Websites

Professional Design

We are trained professionals in several popular e commerce website platforms.  We also have the expertise to market your e commerce website.

Mobile Friendly

E commerce websites have to look great on desktops, tablets and mobile-phones.  We make sure that your website will look great on a multitude of devices.

Fast Loading

E commerce websites have to load fast, to satisfy both customers and search engines.  A slow website can even cost you more when using AdWords.

SEO Foundation

We make  sure that every ecommerce website meets Google’s SEO On Page standards for web design.  We do this to ensure that your website is successful.

The Extra Mile

Our company places a high value on customer service.  We will do our best to help you with any problems you have.

No Headaches

Our company has the resources to help you market your e commerce website using seo, ppc or social channels.  We are experts in online marketing.

E commerce is about Team Work

We know that your goals are the most important aspect of your e commerce website design.

We Design for Sales

E commerce websites are for selling.  Our designers place a lot of emphasis on designing e commerce websites with an easy, trust worthly “feel”.

Each design is carefully thought out to appeal to a visitors needs and wants.  As a visitor only turns into a customer when they feel comfortable with the website.


Modern Web Design has been designing e commerce websites for many years and have several successful clients.  We hope we can use our experiance to help plan and design your e commerce website.

Popular E commerce Platforms

There are  serveral well known e commerce platforms that we like to use for our design work.  Each e commerce platform has it’s own unique attributes that make it the right plaform for the job.


Let our designers work with you to select the correct platform for your e commerce website.  They will be able to pass on to you years of experiance and knowledge.


We do not outsource our esign work to third parties as we feel that the only way to design a sucessful website is to design with an understanding of the intended target market.

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine optimization (SEO) helps online commerce websites lower their cost of aquisition (COA).  Our e commerce website designers have a superior understanding of both on page and off page seo.


The designers are constantly updated with the latest SEO friendly code and designs by our own in house SEO experts.  We feel that it is much more cost effective to design with SEO the first time. Than to perform on page seo after the website is launched.


Contact us today to learn more about our seach engine optimization and e commerce website design.  We are serious about your success!

A Successful E commerce Website

Planning and analysis is the most important aspect of a successful E commerce website.

Common Questions About Our E commerce Websites

The heart of a successful E commerce website is user design. It’s because a vistor has to trust the website before they make a purchase. It’s extremely important to fully understand your target markets needs and wants, before designing your e commerce website.
What should I do before starting an E commerce website?

At Modern Web Design, we take your company’s success personally.  That’s why we offer to help our clients study and analyize their intended market before they request a website.  Our trained staff have accounting backgrounds and can help you make the right decision with your investment.


Do you offer training with your E commerce websites?
We offer both digital marketing and website maintenance training.  Our training sessions are designed to help start-ups and entrepreneurs lower their cost of doing business. We offer both online and o location training with all our website packages.  Please note that some packages may require additional payment for our training services.
Can you help us maintain our e commerce website?
We offer cost effective website maintenance programs for all our websites.  Our charges are some of the lowest in the industry and offer real value for busy entrepreneurs who would better suited for making management decisions.
Do you provide E commerce hosting options?


Modern Web Design understands that website hosting is the foundation of a successful website.  If there are problems with the websites server, the rankings and or sales may be affected.  That’s why in 2013 we created a sister company called ProWeb Hosting that oversees all of our commercial hosting services.

We recommend our in-house hosting to our clients as it gives our marketing team greater control over the quality of the user’s experience.  Our hosting options range from dedicated and VPS servers to shared hosting.  Many of our website design packages offer a free one year trail of our website hosting.

What E commerce platforms do you design with?
E commerce websites have grown in both complexity and in quality and performance.  Almost all of the e commerce platforms offer similar features and benefits.  Of course our website designers have  a few favourite platforms that they like to work with such as WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento.

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Our Web Design benefits begin from the day of your FREE Design consultation.  As we have already begun working on an internet strategy for the consultation, we use this design strategy to verify that it is possible to achieve the results that you are looking for with your website.

Our goal is to provide design services that help your online business to succeed.  When we build a website we make sure that it has passed our internal standards for quality.  Below is a list of some of the services that are “built into” our websites.