Benefits Of A Mobile Website?

Increase Your Business Exposure

It’s a known fact that the use of smartphones is rapidly growing and has almost doubled in just the last two years. Presently in 2014, there are over 1.75 billion users in the world who use smartphones. Google analysis suggests that over 70% of these users access the internet with their smartphones everyday!  With so many people accessing the internet using mobile phones, it makes sense that your business is optimized for mobile smartphone users.

Mobile Website Designs Offer Users a Quick Browsing Experience

Our Mobile Website Designs are focused on bringing the best user experience (UX) to your visitors.  We do this by incorporating the same features found on a PC based website into our mobile design platform.  Our mobile design platform allows smartphone users to book registrations, purchase products and services, apply coupons and much, much more. Our mobile design platform also has built in SEO features that helps your mobile website get found in searches. Our design platform will load fast on mobile smartphones, which greatly improves the user experience.

Over 90% Of Mobile Smartphone Users Are Contacting Local Businesses

Recent research by Google shows that 94% of smartphone users are searching for local business information.  A whopping 90% of these users will either make a purchase or contact the business. This data showcases the opportunities that small businesses can target to increase their sales.

Mobile Websites Offers Better ROI Than Phone Apps

There’s no need to create an expensive mobile phone app, when your business has a mobile website design.  As Our mobile platform is so robust that you’ll get many of the same marketing benefits that are featured in mobile apps.  At a significantly lower cost!  Our mobile websites even work on both Android and IOS platforms thus saving you additional development expenses.  So there’s no need to design two separate apps!

Mobile Web Design Features

Our mobile web designs are loaded with features for business websites.  When your visitors enter your website, they’ll be amazed at the many features that they have available.  Our design allows them to make calls from anywhere in your website with just one click on their phone.  In addition to making calls, they’ll also be able to download PDF files, submit forms, purchase products, navigate to your business, make reservations, leave a call back message, and so much more. It’s no wonder why our mobile web design was voted the best mobile design for 2013!  As time moves on, our mobile platform is constantly updated to make it even better!  Listed below are some of the many features that our mobile website design offers.


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