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Connect your Ideas to the World with a Simple Website

A one page website plays an important role in testing & validating your ideas.  They are a cost effective, simple, yet powerful tool to connect with people. Simple web designs consist of one page.

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Sometimes Simple isn’t that Simple.

Customer Centric Website

Why you should Hire a Website Company for a Simple Website

Just about anyone these days can build you a FREE starter website, and you’d probably feel pretty good about the results.

The problem is, will your FREE website present your business ideas, or products in the best possible light?

The money invested with a professional web designer may save you a lot of money.  Especially if you intend to market your website via SEO or Google AdWords.

Contact Us to see if we could take your ideas to the next level with a simple, yet effective Simple (one-page) Website.

Customer Centric Website
Custom Website Design

Keep it Simple for an Effective One page Website Experience

The first secret to building a one-page website is that you should never try to “say everything” with just one page.

The trick is to put just enough information on your website to get your visitors interested in your ideas.

Use differnt types of Call to Actions to understand which CTA’s are the most important to your visitors.

Less is more when it comes to a simple starter website, the problem is understanding your customers unique needs.

Risk Free Website Guarantee

Our 100% Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with a professionally created website that will promote your products, services and ideas.

We do not take short-cuts, or target short term profits over our clients ambitions.

We go the extra mile by guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction for our website designs.


Simple (One page) Website Details

A well thought-out web design is critical to your online success.  We go the extra-mile to understand your customers.

We combine the art of web design with science of marketing research.  We create a world-class experience for your potential customers through customer-centric design.

Talk to a Web Designer

Creating a great website takes some time and planning.  Please feel free to schedule a FREE web design consultation.

Contact us regarding your web design ideas.

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Simple Site

Simple sites are the perfect way to validate an idea. Get your idea noticed on the internet.

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Business designs showcases products & services and provide information for customers.

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Custom web sites are important when your business requires a special focus on branding.

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Ecommerce platforms are designed to sell. They also need to do well in SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Simple (One-page) Website consist of?

A Simple Web Design packages offer a lot of value for budget minded entrepreneurs that allow you to expand your website as your business grows.

Our Simple Web Designs focus on (1) single page website, that can include several menu item labels that will allow your visitors to quickly navigate to the information they need.

A One Page website can also include contact forms, tables, Google maps, etc…  you can add just about anything you want on your one page website.  But we do recommend that you keep an eye on your one page file size as it will become slower as you add additional items.

Your website will include (1) year of FREE hosting (a RM 280 value), where you can add up to 3 email ids.  To keep costs low, your email & website storage capacity is set at 3GB, which should be more than enough space for your emails and website files.

You can view a detailed outline of our Simple Website package by clicking on this link (Simple (One-page) Package).



Can I expand my Website as my Company grows?

Yes!  Of course you can expand your original Simple website by adding portfolio pages, contact pages, FAQ pages, etc..  The possibilities are endless.  You can either have one of our web designers create the pages or try it yourself.

Please note that their are some limitations to the number of pages (max. file size is 3GB including emails) you can add during your 1st year of FREE hosting.  As your website will be on our VPS servers.

If you like you can always upgrade from FREE hosting which will allow you to expand your website well past the 3GB limit.

Please contact a web specialist if you have any additional questions.


Can I create a Personal One Page website?

Sure, we have build one-page websites for clients before and really were impressed with the results.  You can use your one-page website for whatever purposes you like.

A One-page website are great for personal CVs, events, product promotions or more.  We are sure you probably have a few ideas for your own personal web page.


Will you Train Me to expand the Website?

We will spend (1) hour via a video call, phone call or other remote communication to help you become familiar with logging into the website, creating new users, updating plugins and themes, and making backups.

You can also hire us to teach you more advanced topics regarding website design so you can expand your website without the help of a web designer.



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