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A “Small Business” Website for only RM 3,000?

A Starter website design gets things done!  It’s cost efficient, practical and allows you plenty of room to grow and expand.  Most small businesses start out with a simple design and then grow the website as they learn more about the internet and their intended market.  

Our Starter Website design is a great place to begin if you’re unsure about your target market and online competition. Take some time to read below, we will do our best to educate you on the best way to build your company online!

Built for Speed

Every website should be fast, and as a rule of thumb we make sure that all of our websites load in under 3 seconds, actually our ultimate goal is to have our websites load in under 1 second.

Responsive Layout

All websites should be “mobile friendly” in design.  We make sure that our  web designs are mobile friendly on a multitude of devices ranging from smart-phone to tablets.

Professional Design

A professional designer plays an important function in web design.  They will understand how to take your ideas and incorporate them into a professional looking website.

Learning About Your Goals

A successful website design begins by learning about your intended goals.  Once we have a good understanding of your goals we then take a look at your competitors.  Once we have a good understanding we then begin work on your website design.

A Simple Website design will involve the same competitive analysis, as our more expensive designs. But will be limited in scale, as each landing page and/or keyword deserves a substantial amount of research time.


Our web designers will begin work only after they fully understand your products and services.  They understand the importance of projecting your company brand on their design.

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Developing Your Website

A lot of work goes into our Simple Website package, even before we begin our design work.  We do this to insure that your site will rank well and be provide useful information to your visitors.

Once we have the web design framework, we then add content and images.  In many cases, we ask for original, well produced images and content as they both contribute to the success of your website. If needed we can help with images and content creation.

During the design process, we will test the website on a various selection of devices to ensure that the website looks great on just about any modern device.

Developing A Marketing Strategy

Every website needs a marketing strategy, that’s why we offer extended search engine optimization, Google AdWords and social media management.  You will even have access to our marketing staff before we begin work on your website.

We offer to perform a complete competitive analysis of your intended target market before we begin work.  It’s a crucial step in designing a truly professional website.


Once the website is ready, our marketing team will take over the responsibilities.  They will be able to provide expert search engine optimization, Google AdWords Management and social media insights that will bring visitors to your website.

We Deliver Value with our Simple Site design

Professional Website

Our Simple web designs packages  are designed by professionals.  You will receive a well thought out website that is ready to market your ideas.

Mobile Friendly

Our Simple web designs packages  are based on responsive web design and will look great on a smart phone, tablet or desktop.  Our designs look great on all major devices.

Fast Loading

Websites need to load fast in order to rank well on Google and Yahoo search engines.  We understand the need for speed and do our best to design a fast website.

Web Design services

Marketing Advice

Our design team work closely with our digital marketers to ensure that your website design meets their strict standards.  We are focused on achieving your goals.

FREE (1) Year Hosting

You receive one year of free web hosting with our simple design package.  We offer our free hosting using our own hosting companies resources.

Customer Service

Our Simple web designs packages  come with great customer support.  We go the extra mile to make our clients happy.

Starter Website FAQ

What's the cost of a Starter website?

Our Simple website design packages begin at RM 1500.  At these prices, you’ll receive a competitive analysis, and keyword analysis report.  While the report will not be as in-depth as the more expensive design packages.  The report will provide enough information to make wise decisions about your website project.

Do I need good images for my website?

We always recommend that clients use the best available images, as it make little sense to design a professional grade website that lacks “visual quality”.  Today’s internet users are expecting to experience a great visual website.  Do not let them down.

Will a Starter website rank organically?

Our website designs are designed with a focus search engine optimization.  A Simple website package will also have a strong foundation with on-page seo.  While we cannot guarantee your initial organic results, we can guarantee that your site meets common standards for website design as stated by Google.

Can I expand the size of my Starter website?

Online marketing campaigns are usually built with content.  Our websites are designed to be great market tools and will easily expand at your convenience.  Most of our websites use WordPress which is a great content marketing system.

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