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We created our Starter website package for people & businesses who need a website but do not want to pay the extra costs associated with the custom design & artwork.

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Starter Package Details

So What Do I get with a  Starter Website Package

WordPress & Divi

Creating a great starter website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Modern Web Design specializes in building WordPress sites with the Divi theme builder and can build a great website at a great saving to you!

Divi is a great tool for creating responsive, mobile-friendly websites. And with WordPress, you can easily add content, make updates, and manage your site yourself.

Both WordPress and Divi are used by millions of people throughout the world, which means that you’ll belong to a big group of users who work together by sharing information and know-how.

If you’re on a tight budget and have some time to spare, you’ll find hundreds, maybe even thousands of free YouTube videos on how to update your website, perform SEO and keep your website looking beautiful and modern for many years to come.

Number of Web Pages

A starter web design usually consists of a website with less than ten pages.  In most cases the number of web pages averages between 5-6 pages which could consist of the following web page examples.

Home Page – A perfect home page must be visually appealing, while still providing all of the necessary information that a visitor needs. It should be easy to navigate and should give visitors a clear idea of what your website is all about.

About Us Page – An About Us page tells your website visitors who you are.  It’s usually your 1st chance to make a good impression.  We always put extra effort into designing your about us page as we understand how important it is to your business.

Products or Services Page – A lot goes into making a perfect product or services website page. The following are crucial elements: strong visual design, persuasive copy, clear value proposition, and a call to action.  Our goal is to provide the right information for your customers informational needs so they can take the next step – sales.

Testimonial PageA testimonial is a written or spoken statement that is intended to commend someone or something. A good testimonial should be well-written, positive, and specific. When used on a website, testimonials can help to build trust and credibility.

Contact Us PageThe contact page is one of the most important pages on your website. It’s the page that allows your visitors to get in touch with you, and it’s also the page that can make or break your relationship with your visitors.

As a FREE benefit, we also add two additional pages, one page is for your privacy policy and the second page is used as a thank you page.

A Privacy Policy page is required in the European Union, but not in Malaysia, or Asia.  The privacy page let’s website visitors know how you will use any data that is collected when they visit your website.

A Thank You page is important page that helps to measure the success rate (conversions) of your contact form enquiries.

Content & Images

Pictures and content are crucial for a successful website. Usually, we provide complimentary “stock” images and well-written content for your Starter Web Design package as a thank you for being a Modern Web Design customer.

The images that we use can come from a variety of paid sources such as 123RF, ShutterstockDepositphotos, and Dreamstime.

We also will use images from free sources such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Freepik.

It is important to note that nothing beats actual images of your shop, or products, as they will set your new website apart from the rest.

We work with several professional photographers in Malaysia who can help you with your website’s images. Note that photos from a professional photographer will cost additional charges.

Lastly, we also recommend that you try and take a few photos using your handphone, as you’d be surprised at the results after we properly frame and edit your images.

Hosting, Emails & Training

Our Starter Web Design packages use the same great hosting services as our premium web designs.  Which means that you’ll be entiteld to (1) free year of super-fast web and email hosting when you sign up for a web design starter package.

In addition to offering you a great hosting and email services, we will also help to set up your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and provide you with FREE basic training (1.5 hours via video chat) on how to login to your website, create and delete users, make backups, and restore from backups.

If your still in need of additional training Modern Web Design will offer to train you and/or staff at a minimal fee, and also point you towards free video training provided on YouTube.

We believe that our Starter package, FREE web & email hosting, and training will position you for success on the internet.

If needed, we also provide professional digital marketing and SEO services (at a great savings) to help achieve your online business goals.

Why a Starter Website

Our Starter Websites offers You a World-Class Site for one Great Price

Just about anyone these days can build you a FREE starter website, and you’d probably feel pretty good about the results. The problem is, will your FREE website present your business ideas, or products in the best possible light?

The money invested with a professional web designer or web company may save you a lot of money.  Especially if you intend to market your website via SEO or Google AdWords.

Get a Website for Your Business

Starting a new business is an exciting time, but it can also be a lot of work. In most cases you will need to build a website to promote your new business

Our Starter web package offers you a professionally researched and designed website that will position your business above your competition.

All of our websites are also expandable, which means that you can add additional pages and features to your website at a later time.

Working with a web design agency can help you save thousands of dollars in annual marketing costs, as our design team has years of digital marketing experience and will help create the perfect website for your customers.

Promote your Products & Services with a Starter website

A starter website is a great way to get your products and services in front of potential customers. It can be used to promote your business, sell products and services, and even generate leads.

Modern Web Design has been helping customers for over almost 10 years in web design, SEO and digital marketing. We can build you a  professional web platfom to sell your products and services.

Most of our website designs are dynamic in nature and allow you to add pages as your company or product selection grows.

Create Your Personal Brand or Blog

When it comes to promoting your professional persona, a personal website is an essential tool.

It’s a platform where you can share your work, connect with potential clients, share your resume or build a community around your blog.

But with so many options for web design and hosting, creating a website can quickly become overwhelming task.

Modern Web Design makes it easy for you to have your own personal website in a matter of days or weeks.

We will also take care of all your web hosting, email, and marketing needs so you can focus on more important things!

Let’s Get Started

I’m Ready for a Starter Website, What’s the Next Step?

How to Contact Us

Modern Web Design has been building websites for businesses in Malaysia for almost 10 years. We enjoy what we do and would love to hear about your plans for a website.

Please take some time to fill out a contact form, send us a WhatsApp message or call us direct.

Discuss Your Ideas

We begin every project by asking our clients a few questions.  Our goal is to learn about your specific expectations for your website, to learn about your products and services, and to understand how you will use your website when it’s completed.

We will also ask for a few examples of website designs that you admire.  We will use your website examples to understand the “level of design” that will be needed to complete your website.

We use our discussion to determine which website package features would be best for your business.

Signoff & Start Your Project

If you agree to our web design contract we will request that you sign our contract and send us an initial deposit.

Please note that your initial deposit is fully refundable, but necessary as we need a bank deposit to show intent – and your not just “fishing for ideas”.

Our next step is to begin our marketing research, which includes learning about your products & services, understanding your customers wants & needs, and studying your online competition, so we can position your new website as an industry leader.

Build Site and Revise Changes

We begin working on your website by creating a mockup that will be based on our marketing research and your website examples.

Our goal at this stage is to focus on the website’s colors, navigation and general design layout.  We also want to begin to strategize on the type of information that your customers will expect when they visit your website.

Our entire design process ussually takes between a few days and a few weeks. In most cases we will work through 2 -3 revisions before our clients are happy with the final web design.

In the end, you will have a truly custom website that was built specifically for your business and your customers.

Finalize Website & Launch

Finalizing a website is an exciting time, but special care must be used to make sure your website is properly launched.

Our first goal when launching is to make sure that your website is optimized for on-page SEO which includes making sure your images have the right alt tags, that your pages have quality meta titles and descriptions and that your website is loading fast.

Our second goal is to connect your new website to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, along with Bing Clarity.  Connecting your website to the proper analytics ensures that you’ll be able to measure and improve on your website’s performance.

Our last pre-launch goal is to add the proper website security and backup plugins, which will protect your website from online hackers and system failures.

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