Web Design Services

Modern Web Design offers our clients a well-rounded selection of professional web design, user experience, business intelligence, marketing research and digital marketing services.  We want our clients to achieve their ambitions by offering the right services for their success.

Modern Web Design offers our clients a well-rounded selection of professional web design, user experience, business intelligence, marketing research and digital marketing services. 

We want our clients to achieve their ambitions by offering the right services for their success.

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Web Design Services
Serving Malaysia & Singapore

Our Website Designers Work Help Maximize Your Biz Results

 Our web designers will use the latest design techniques to create a dynamic smart websites that maximize their advertising budgets.

Understanding Your Online Competition Could Save You $$$

We provide our clients with the professional marketing intelligence that will enable you to create a superior web design strategy.

Increase your Online Sales with a Professional Marketing Team

We have an experienced marketing team who can provide professional marketing services for your new website.

We Offer Website Design Services For Many Differnt Project Types

Modern Web Design offers several different types of website design services such as Small Business website design, Corporate Web Site Design and Ecommerce Website design.  We do our best to identify the individual needs of each website design requirement by specializing our services for each web design segment. 

Please take some time to browse this web page to gain an understanding of the different types of website designs and needed services.

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Without such an understanding, we are just creating a website that looks good but lacks the understanding to fulfill a clients true intentions such as winning new sales, starting a new business, or re-branding a tired website.

We take the time to listen about your goals, learn about your products and services and only then, design a great website!

Business Website Designs

Business websites are all about business, these websites average between 10 – 15 pages and offer information that is needed to conduct business.

Modern Web Design works with our clients to understand both your business process and your customers needs.

We use the information from our research to design a carefully tailored website that extends your business onto the internet.

Our goal is to extend the reach of your business.

Ecommerce Website Designs

Ecommerce website designs should be developed with a solid foundation in both marketing research and company branding.

Modern Web Design provides professional marketing and branding solutions that will enable your eCommerce website to outperform your competitors.

Our ecommerce platforms provide the latest technologies to help you run your online business.

Exceed Your Expectations

Our goal is to grow our business through the success of our clients websites.  We have a vested interesting in the quality of our work, and how our clients feel about their new websites. 

All of our websites are created “in-house staff” by professional designers, developers and digital marketers.  We strive to exceed your expectations in both looks and performance.

Deliver Long Lasting Value

Our team of designers, and marketers will work with you to understand what give your company the competitive advantage in sales and marketing.  We take the extra time  to understand your business, and marketing goals before we begin to design a website.  We feel that the extra time we spend pays extra dividends in creating a website of lasting value.

A successful website involves designing your companies DNA on your website.

Develop Long-lasting Relationships

Many of our clients appreciate the quality and professionalism that they receive when we develop their website.  They are usually so impressed that they ask us to help them with their website maintenance, web hosting, search engine optimization and Google AdWords management. 

Feel free to ask about our additional marketing and maintenance services.  Our team can manage your entire online presence, so that you can focus more time on your business.

Dedicated, Professional & Friendly

Modern Web Design works with our clients on an individual basis, that includes taking the extra care and attention that is needed for a professionally designed website.  Our websites are mobile friendly, load fast, and have been set up properly for on-page seo.   Our Clients find that we are a dedicated website agency, that focused on the details in a friendly and professional manner.

Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics

Today’s websites need to take advantage of the valuable data that can be collected from visitors to their website.

The data is collected from both Google Analytics and second party analytical tools such as Hotjar.

These tools allow marketers to study how visitors interact with a website and make adjustments that will increase your websites effectiveness.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing is the engine that drives new business to your website. Our sister company Online Ventures Asia has been helping companies reach their full potential since 2015.

We design all of our websites using the latest digital marketing techniques to ensure that your new website is performs well in search engine marketing and sales/inquiry conversions.

Ask us about our digital marketing services, we will be glad to discuss how we can help your new website reach your marketing goals.

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Our talented team of Developers, Designers, UX analysts, and Digital Marketers focus on designing modern websites that will achieve your goals.  Take some time to contact us and schedule a time to discuss your future expectations for your website.

We design websites for digital marketing.