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A Business Website should be an extension of your physical business by extending your business functions onto the internet. Your business site should be able to provide visitors with quality information, product/service information, contact information and sales information.

A Business Website should be an extension of your physical business by extending your business functions onto the internet. 

Your business site should be able to provide visitors with quality information, product/service information, contact information and sales information.

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We Can Help You Understand Who Your Online Competitors are

Our web designers are always at the forefront of the industry to ensure that our clients have a modern web design that is relevant for many years.

Understanding Your Online Competition Could Save You $$$

Business Strategy

Todays websites have to deliver more than just a bunch of nice images.  A website has to understand your visitors needs and address their needs accordingly.

What is A Business Website?

Business Websites are an essential part of every marketing plan.  In today’s marketplace, websites have to deliver results by connecting with a company’s audience.  It’s our job to work with our clients to find the right combination of graphics, design and information to convince a website visitor that they have found a company that provide the solutions they want.  Our goal is to connect the visitor to the clients website message through content, images and user design.

Business Website Features

Professional Design

Our Business Websites designs are created by professional web designers with years of experience in design and online marketing.

Mobile Friendly

Every website is checked on multiple devices to ensure that they look great.  We understand the need for a website to respond to a multitude of user devices.

Fast Loading

Your website loading speed is directly related to both your organic search rank and the cost to advertise with Pay Per click.  We take speed seriously!

Web Design services

SEO Foundation

Every website that we design is designed with seo in mind.  A well designed website is easier to rank and also more cost effective when using paid advertising.

The Extra Mile

Our staff value everyone of our clients like VIPs.  They are taught that their duty is to serve our customer.  On many occasions we will go the extra mile for you.

No Headaches

Our company can provide you with all the services needed to launch and maintain a successful business website.  We keep digital marketing simple.

It’s About Your Business

A company’s website is usually the first impression that someone recieves before contacting your business. The information and images have to asure the vistor that your company is a good choice for their needs.

In many cases a websites visitors will be making their descion from a number of related company’s.  So it would make a great deal of sense if you wbsite stood above the rest!

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Modern Web Design can create a world class website for your business that will put the spotlight on ypur products and services.  We start our design projects with a competitive analysis report.

Creating Brand Identity 

Business on the internet moves fast and ussually never allows for a second chance.  This is why our designers work extra hard to make sure that your business message rings loud and clear.

We will take the time to study your intended market before we begin work on your website.  We also will spend he extra time to fully understand your company message and goals.

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 Our web designers work along side our marketing experts.  The combined effort offers our clients a rare bread of form and function.  We are serious when we state that “we design for success”.

Web Design Agency

It’s About Your Business

Unfortunately, a great looking business website will not do much for your company, if you don’t put in an effort to market your services or products.

Modern Web Design offers all our web design clients the opportunity to market their company with our internal marketing team.  We are leading professionals in search engine optimization, AdWords Management, social media and more.

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Once the website has been completed,  we will then add the appropriate analytical code.  The code will allow us to monitor the websites visitors and their interactions.  If your not getting the results you want, we are ready to continue to help with our expert analytical team.

What is a Business website?

A business website is a necessity for modern businesses.  Websites allow you to open new markets by expanding your physical footprint.  A business website allows people to learn more about your company’s products and services without having to physically visit your company location.

Who will design my business website?

Modern Web Design designs all our websites in-house.  We understand business and know that there is no substitute for understanding Malaysia’s diverse market.  Our web designers work closely with clients to fully illustrate the benefits of a client’s products and services.

What is the turn around for a business website?

The average time to complete our Business website package is three weeks.  Much of this time is used waiting for either content, images or approvals of design.  On some occasions, we have been able to create terrific looking and functioning websites within one week.  Unfortunately, such feats are not a standard occurrence.

What happens after the design has been completed?

Our website design process is unique as we place an emphasis on a client’s objectives.  So, our website completion is a little different.  Once a website has been fully approved, we then add the appropriate analytic code and launch the website.

We use this code to track and analyse your website’s results.  If your website is not meeting your desired expectations, we offer to work with you to meet your expectations.  We are marketing and conversion rate experts and have a good track record of successful projects

How do I get started with the website process?

Starting a website project is easy!  But completing a successful website may take a little time.  We recommend in many cases that our analysis people spend some time analysing your competition and online market.  The extra work will yield dividends once the project has been completed.

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Our talented team of Developers, Designers, UX analysts, and Digital Marketers focus on designing modern websites that will achieve your goals.  Take some time to contact us and schedule a time to discuss your future expectations for your website.

We design websites for digital marketing.

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