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Due to the competitive nature of ecommerce, an ecommerce website design must be able to produces lots of low-cost quality leads. A website designer must have a good understanding of both marketing and sales and be able to fully understand your ecommerce business strategy.

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Our Ecommerce Philosophy – Happy Customers Buy Products

Ecommerce Websites need to produce a consistent number of low cost, quality sales.  A website design has to be built around both sales and marketing, and incorporate your unique selling proposition. 

Without these specialized traits, your company will struggle to achieve a dominant position in your target market.  Ecommerce is about efficiency.  Just ask Amazon or Alibaba.

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We believe that our unique approach to ecommerce can save you money and time but focusing on the most important aspects of ecommerce. 

We begin each of our website designs with a complete competitive analysis to fully understand your target market,consumers needs, and competitors marketing position.


Creating Brand Identity with an Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website should capture your businesses brand Identity, as quality branding of your website will lead towards lower acquisition costs through repeat sales and  a higher premium that a customer is willing to pay when they feel comfortable shopping at your website.

Just take a look at Starbucks Coffee to see the profitability of a branding in ecommerce.

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We offer our clients a unique design experience when we create our websites.  Our staff will (if allowed) work with you to develop a solid business plan and ecommerce strategy for your new website. 

Our work will include competitive analysis, keyword analysis, and include search engine optimization to insure that your new website is off to a great start.

Starting out in Ecommerce

At Modern Web Design, we take your company’s success personally. That’s why we offer to help our clients study and analyze their intended market before they request a website. Our trained staff have accounting backgrounds and can help you make the right decision with your investment.

Types of Ecommerce Platforms

E commerce websites have grown in both complexity and in quality and performance.  Almost all of the e commerce platforms offer similar features and benefits.  Of course our website designers have  a few favourite platforms that they like to work with such as WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento.

Ecommerce Training

We offer both digital marketing and website maintenance training.  Our training sessions are designed to help start-ups and entrepreneurs lower their cost of doing business. We offer both online and o location training with all our website packages.  Please note that some packages may require additional payment for our training services.

Ecommerce Maintenance

We offer cost effective website maintenance programs for all our websites.  Our charges are some of the lowest in the industry and offer real value for busy entrepreneurs who would better suited for making management decisions.
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Our talented team of Developers, Designers, UX analysts, and Digital Marketers focus on designing modern websites that will achieve your goals.  Take some time to contact us and schedule a time to discuss your future expectations for your website.

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